Difficult to find the right words but your approach of coaching and accompany – rather than teaching, this very special enriching and empowering space that you create to let people live up to their full potential converted each lesson into a memorable experience. Thank you so much! I left every lesson with a new experience and insight into what the essence could be. I will miss this Wednesday hour a lot!

Be sure, instead of “imprinting my spine into the mat”, the idea of becoming a Pilates teacher is fervently imprinted into my head. If I decide not to leave Brussels, I will definitively start with the first prep courses at Corpus Studios™.

If ever you come across a high quality Pilates centre (like Corpus Studios™) in Berlin, any inspiring online courses or useful books and other sources, you will find a passionate recipient here!

Again, thanks so much for all your inspiring, enriching lessons which were such an important part of my week.  

More than all the best for you!

Message from client to Elizabeth Whittam
Pilates Teacher

Thank you so much for your words and for the community you provide at Corpus! It's such a great team, a supportive environment, a home away from home, and an amazing sanctuary for well-being. Glad to be a part of it.

Anouk Froidevaux

Everyone really adores your workshops!

Sepp Stalmans, Office Manager
Covington & Burling LLP

Thank you Kelly.  It was a fabulous course (Mat Level 2) and I learnt a great deal; very stimulating. We are lucky to be able to benefit so much from your wealth of experience. Looking forward to practicing soon.

Just a little email with big thanks for a great class. It felt good to be taught by you again: with all your dedication, passion, focus on clients and an outstanding creativity that motivates and inspires plus, of course, your radiant personality that would give anybody the energy and happiness boosts even at 7:00 am.


Thank you Kelly.  It was a fabulous course (Mat Level 2) and I learnt a great deal; very stimulating. We are lucky to be able to benefit so much from your wealth of experience. Looking forward to practicing soon.


I take the opportunity to congratulate you for the fantastic Pilates teachers you have in the Studio. I have only taken two Pilates lessons and I am extremely happy with the choice I have made.


Thanks so much for the time you took to answer my question (you remembered despite your busy schedule!) and thank you for everything else: your positive attitude, your focus on your clients, your personality, your amazing classes and amazing skills to name just a few qualities that make the visits in Corpus Studios™ one of the best points on my weekly agenda. I love the place.


I have been going to the studio in Rue Borrens since 2009. I have done mostly Pilates (also some GYROTONIC® and Yoga), and this technique has been very beneficial for my body health. Teachers are well trained and experienced. The place and the different apparatus are modern and match expectations to Pilates fans :)

Juan Antonio Garcia Diaz

About Desk Pilates Workshop

Saturday afternoon's course was really useful. Good mix of anatomy and practical. Great teacher with lovely sense of humour, and I'm going to see if our HR people would be interested in a workplace session.

About Kelly McKinnon's Pilates Manuals / Corpus Studios™ Production

I just wanted to say Thank-you!...(...) I am a great fan of the way the mat work is presented...there is nothing like this in the UK...from what I've come across, the exercise way is a lot more gentle and relaxing and I like the more powerful approach...having compared notes with others I consider Kelly's' approach akin to yoga as a discipline rather than a drop in class as it reminds me of the way ballet is taught, as a build up to produce a controlled result and not a quick 'fix' (...) I am a great admirer of this concept and approach.....I am definitely singing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Christina Attridge, 56 years old Ballet-trained at the Royal Academy in London gaining both Associate with Honours and Licentiate

Thanks, Kelly. I will definitely miss the studio. I have not yet found anything comparable ;-( Just means that you are doing an excellent job !!!

All the best, Kathrin

Dear Kelly,

Our term in Belgium is coming to an end, and we will be leaving on Nov. 14, 2007. Since I did not get a chance to see you lately, I wanted you to get this message by mail. I will miss my Mon. + Wed. classes with both Veronique and Fedi. They are both so very terrific, so excellent, and very professional. You do choose your staff with wisdom and care. I had the experience of taking Pilates class in other countries, which we lived in, but truly, your Pilates Studios provided me with an unprecedented level. I always left with a better mood than I came in. I do feel that I master my body movements more consciously and I even became stronger. All thanks to you guys. Corpus Pilates™ Studios are run so smoothly thanks to your attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with you, watching you, personally, grow and expand your business. I wish you all the best for a prosperous future,

Many thanks,
Ruti K.

As a Physiotherapist, I am convinced that Pilates exercises are very helpful to all ages and different conditions (neuro-muscular disease, low back pain, scoliosis and others). A Pilates-based therapy program, followed properly and done correctly, will certainly improve the quality of life of any person. Pilates exercises promote better posture, coordination and balance. Results are already noticeable after a few sessions due to its multi-muscular method of movement. The Pilates movement system developes an awareness of the body and therefore is a motivation to keep exercising.

Isabel Medeiros
A certified Pilates Teacher (PPSI), a Chartered Physiotherapist in the UK, a registered Kinesitherapeute working in Tervuren, Belgium, and a close collaborator of the studio.

Within physical therapy, exercising takes a very important part. One of the purposes is finding the weak links in ones own movement system. The unconcious and wrongly load on the body is most of the time the reason for muscular, arthrogenic and neurogenic pain. Contrology, like Joseph Pilates eventually named his movement system, means a lot as revalidation system. By the concentration and control on the body, by centering the deep movement system / stabilisation muscles and by teaching and working with precision , it is possible to exercise analytically and efficiently whatever the fysical condition is. Gradually an evolution can be seen towards power, flexibility and endurance.

Inge Croux
Physical Therapist, 2280 Grobbendonk, Belgium

I have found the Pilates method of exercise a truly profound way to reorganise and improve the structure of my body. Not only have I been able to lose about 20 kilos through the inherent cardio nature of the program, but more importantly, my whole physique and posture has been transformed, and is still doing so, from the classic 'couch potato' look into something altogether more narrow and taller. Chronic ailments that I have with joints and discs have subsided, and a whole new outlook, stemming from increased abdominal and overall muscle toning, has helped my life tremendously. Corpus Studios™, directed by Kelly McKinnon, has been at the center of my rehabilitation. All the staff and their coursework is really first rate, with a great deal of attention to detail, while maintaining the overall picture of what a great body should be.

Kevin Conru African Art Dealer

After a scoliosis operation almost all muscles along my spine became rather weak. Back pain was something normal. Doctors kept telling me for years that I should work on building up back and abdominal muscles. But they never said how to do that and how to achieve it, given that I cannot bend the spine anymore. After a slipped disk a friend of mine recommended trying Pilates. Since over four years I am now working out regularly in the Corpus Studios™ and - to my surprise – meanwhile I can feel that there are muscles again where there weren’t any for over ten years. I feel a certain stability that wasn’t there before, much more aligned, upright. Especially the concept of a thought “center line” is a great thing for me. Besides the evidence that I feel differently and so much stronger than before, it is its way Kelly taught me to focus, concentrate and control. Out of hundreds of exercises she picked and adapted these ones that respond best to my individual needs and that is what makes Pilates so interesting for me.

Margit Brandl

I consider myself a wounded fighter. I practised too much and not always in a good way martial arts in my youth. Daily lower back pain was the result. I was able to reduce the problems, with a lot of re-education, but couldn’t do sport anymore. Until the day I entered the Corpus studio’s. The initiation I received in Pilates was a real eye-opener. I really went for it, was exhausted after the class but instead of having back problems, my back was “strangely” stable and stayed that way for a few days. Now, three years later, my back is stable, yet flexible. Of course, my injury is still there, it just isn’t handicapping my life anymore. Pilates’ focus on the powerhouse and consciousness of movement resembles basic principles of the martial arts. I never understood why so many women do Pilates, it’s definitely masculine.

If with its strong mostly linear movements Pilates resembles karate, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® resemble more aikido. Circular movements, spirals and lemniscates (figure-eights) are the basic movement patterns of both disciplines and ... of life.

I always found it amazing that some people take more effort choosing a good garagist for their car then a good (personal) trainer. I learned the hard way , that the quality of the teachers is as important as the technique or the art one wants to learn. Anyway, Kelly is the first person, for me, that really knows what a body in movement is. Firstly I only trusted her but on her advise I started to follow classes with the other teachers and I don't regret it. I feel secure and it's really nice that they all have an other background and another way of focusing on the exercices, so its complementary to have different teachers. But of course, you should check it out for yourself.

Kind regards,



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