Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long is my certification valid?
A: All certificates are valid for 2 years and will be reissued upon proof of continuing education or an update course with Corpus Pilates™.
Q: Why is the certificate valid 2 years?
A: We pride ourselves on the quality of our teacher training and expect our teachers to keep up-to-date. There is no requirement for Corpus Pilates Teachers to repeat the training every 2 years, but they must continue to educate themselves to stay at the top. Teachers must complete a minimum of 10 hours Continuing Education within 2 years after they receive their Attestation of Completion or diploma. This can be done through workshops or specific updates at Corpus Studios™ (minimum 50% of the 10 hours) and hours of proven self-study (could be e.g. a Pilates workshop or specialization in the Pilates field somewhere else).
Q: What if I do not continue in the order of the courses as set out?
A: You may stop at any time you wish and pick up the next year or year after.
Q: What if I do not have time to study and do not present myself at an exam?
A: You will be required to pay to retake the exam another day and will have one month to prepare.
Q: What if I do not pass part of my exam?
A: You are required to retake the exam at your expense no later than 1 month after your failed exam attempt and will not be accepted into any further courses until the exam has been passed.
Q: When will I receive my certificate (diploma)?
A: You will receive a certificate of completion (attestation) after all your exams have been passed and your apprentice hours have been received and accepted. After completing each level, you will receive a letter of participation for the level and study you have done. The final diploma will not be issued until all levels are complete.
Q: When will I receive a diploma recognized by EuropActive/EREPS?
A: Upon successful completion of the Mat Level 3 course
Q: Is there a cost to be recognized by EuropActive/EREPS?

There is a one-time cost paid to Corpus Studios to register you.  Thereafter, annual membership renewal and payment is handled directly with EREPS.

Q: When will I be a diploma-qualified Pilates teacher?
A: When you have completed the full Comprehensive Studio course. After the Comprehensive Mat course you are a Pilates Mat instructor, but not a full diploma-qualified Pilates Studio Instructor
Q: When can I start to teach?
A: You may teach after you have passed your first exams and all hours are received and accepted.
Q: What if I get sick during the course and cannot participate?
A: You are required to be present and participate 100% of the time. If you cannot attend for any reason, it is up to you to plan with the trainer to make up missed time at your expense. If it is a traveling trainer this could be difficult, so try to prepare yourself physically and mentally before the course.
Q: Where will I be able to teach with this certificate?
A: Corpus Studios™ is a recognized Teacher Training Center. Its training program and certification is recognized by EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) and EuropeActive (European Fitness and Health Association). With these approvals, your Corpus Certification will legally permit you to teach Pilates anywhere in the European Union, and several other countries. Corpus Studios™ offers both a repertoire in Classical “Traditional” and Contemporary Pilates with a strong approach to teaching and programming for the individual or for class needs. You will learn about remedial and regular approaches designed to make you an intelligent and thoughtful teacher.
Q: Can I use the studio I trained in for my personal training?
A: When at a Corpus Studios™ you may workout personally or with fellow students during any non-peak hours. If you are at another facility you will need to discuss this with the owner or management.
Q: Will I have a job at Corpus when I finish the program?
A: Corpus does not guarantee job placement during or at the end of your studies. However, we will help you in any way we can when possible.
Q: Will I have to do the Anatomy FAK if I already have studied anatomy in university or elsewhere and I can prove my qualifications?
A: No, but you will have to sit and pass the exam and purchase the required manual.
Q: Why do I need to take two privates when following a course?

Two private classes offer students the opportunity to experience what it is like to be taught a session format by an experienced instructor: a chance for correction and to better understand the power of a private session. Two sessions are needed for both the student and the instructor to go deeper, to give feedback and homework, and a second class to see how the information was integrated. They are invaluable classes for the student to appreciate the strength and depth that is possible through a one-on-one session.



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