Diploma Requirements


A key element of the Corpus Studios training program is Apprentice Teacher Trainer Hours. This is when you will truly learn Pilates, by watching experienced teachers, by practicing your teaching, and by doing the exercises yourself.

The number of Apprentice hours varies by course and level but is always substantial and requires commitment. It is important to prepare yourself and those close to you for this intense, but rewarding period.  

  • See respective course for exact hours, per course levelPersonal Practice: 20-50 hours
  • Teaching: 20-50 hours
  • Observation: 10-20 hours
  •  2 private sessions with a Master Trainer or senior teacher (at your own cost))
  • Take Home research exams and self-study
  • Portfolio completion

Personal Practice

Consists of classes taken at Corpus Studios™ or elsewhere, or personal practice alone:

  • Execution of all exercises per course manual
  • All Mat students will be credited 10 Mat classes for each Mat Course taken. These can only be used until the date of the practical exam.
  • Each class counts for 1 hour of personal practice in your Apprentice Teacher Trainer Hours.
  • Registration for class is based on availability
  • Credited classes must be used for your current level of study.

Private lessons
To perfect technique and for personal practice feedback, all students are required to take 2 private lessons* with a Corpus Master Trainer or Senior Teacher, for each course level. These must be taken between the end of the course and the practical exam.

* at own expense


Teaching family, friends, and colleagues:

  • 55 minutes session format classes based on level being examined.
  • min 5 hours teaching collective class at level you’re training at.
  • Practice Teaching can be done at Corpus Studios™ only when open to the public and by reservation, not during busy periods (18.00-21.00).
  • Teacher Trainer Students from the program can only train in Corpus Studios™ facilities at no cost when practicing with other classmates.
    A studio fee is payable when practice teaching with own students in Corpus Studios™ facilities


Observing experienced teachers giving classes.

May be done at Corpus studios, with a Corpus Pilates former student, or in an approved Pilates center. You may also observe the Corpus Teacher Training DVDs, but 80% of observation hours should be completed in live classes.
Alternatives are available for geographically isolated students upon request.

At Corpus Studios™:

  • Observe a one-hour class at level of study.
    • With prior approval of teacher and/or reception.
    • The teacher or receptionist must confirm your attendance on your observation sheet.
  • Mat students can observe Mat classes only, not privates (max 3 students observing at one time).
  • Apparatus students may discreetly observe private classes with permission of teacher and client.


To keep track of your own education and development, students are required to prepare a Delegate Portfolio at the start of the first training course and must build and maintain it throughout the entire program.

As the Portfolio builds, it becomes your own personal handbook. For each course, the Portfolio must include:

  • Course dates, agendas and notes
  • Proof of Apprentice hours
  • Lesson plans (as required by each course)
  • -Completed student and client feedback forms

The completed Portfolio must be submitted to the Master Trainer for review and approval no later than 6 weeks after the practical exam, before an Attestation of Completion will be awarded.


2 x Take Home Research Papers (Mat Level 1 and Level 2)
1 x Exam per level,  with three segments:

  • Written Theory
  • Practical exam: Personal Practice
  • Practical exam: Teaching

Pilates Exams and Course Regulations

1. Written Theory: 2. Personal Practice:   3. Teaching:
All material covered in lectures, discussion and manual All exercises covered in manual Collective and Private 55 minutes session
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite

If a student is unable to attend the date of the exam, alternatives are available:

  • Pay by the hour for a private exam with an assessor
  • Or, take exam with participants in the next scheduled course.

All apprentice hours must be finished within 6 weeks of taking the practical exam, before being granted permission to progress to the next level.

  • 100% course level participation 
  • Successful exams (Take Home Research, Written Theory, Practical Exam)
  • Completed Apprentice Hours
  • 2x private classes with a Master Trainer or Senior Teacher
  • Completed Portfolio


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