Corpus Studios

Diploma Requirements


See respective course for exact hours:

  • Personal Practice: 20-40 hours
  • Teaching: 20-40 hours
  • Observation: 5-20 hours
  • 2 private sessions with a senior teacher (at your own cost with advanced tradtional Pilates teacher )
  • Take Home exams and self-study
  •  Portfolio completed and presented on day of exam

Personal Practice

Consists of classes taken at Corpus Studios™ or elsewhere, or, personal practice alone:

  • Execution of all exercises in manuals.
  • At Corpus Studios™: All students will be credited one class between course and exam.
  • Period between exam and next course students are permitted to take class at student rate (registration to following course is required)


Family, friends, and colleagues

  • 55 minutes session format class based on level being examined.
  • min 5 hours teaching collective class at level your training at.

At Corpus Studios™: only when open to public and by reservation. Not during rush hour (18.00-21.00). Teacher trainers from programme can only work with other classmates in the Corpus Studios™ facilities.


In studio or video (10 hours studio, 5 hours video, alternative for distance students is videotaped self observation and 200 word essay of observation).

  • At Corpus Studios™: Observe a one-hour class of level of study. To be done by reservation (max 3 students per class). Prior approval of teacher and/or reception is needed. Please make sure that the teacher or receptionist signs to verify your attendance on your observation sheet.
  • Mat students can observe Mat classes only not privates. Apparatus students may observe private classes with permission of teacher and client very discreetly.
  • Be silent and still during observation: no talking, no phones, no walking in and out of the room. No dictaphones, cameras, or flash photography. Sit discretely in position so as not to intimidate clients.


2 x Take Home Research Papers Mat Level 1 and Level 2
1 x Exam per level with three segments:

  • Written Theory
  • Personal Practice
  • Teaching

Pilates Exams and Course Regulations

1. Written Theory: 2. Personal Practice:   3. Teaching:
All material covered in lectures, discussion and manual All exercises covered in manual Collective and Private 55 minutes session
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite
  • 80% to pass
  • Fail: 50€ to rewrite

Between Exam and course: All apprentice hours must be finished before taking any exam and exam passed before granted permission to next level.

Unsuccessful Exam SCenarios

1st Scenario: Exam unsuccessful in part or whole

  • No pass
  • Set new date to execute exam
    • With assessor
    • Pay 50€ to redo each section required i.e. Theory, Personal Practice or Teaching

2nd Scenario: Exam unsuccessful in part or whole 2nd time

  • No pass
  • Set new date to execute exam
    • With assessor
    • Pay 50€ to redo each section required i.e. Theory, Personal Practice or Teaching

3rd Scenario: Exam unsuccessful in part or whole 3rd time

  •     Redo course
  •     Price determined by centre selected for redo

4th Scenario: Not unsuccessful but more work needed, pass undetermined

  • If the assessor feels more experience is needed, they may suggest that trainee take classes, study, or be given homework, and be reassessed either informally or formally.

5th Scenario: If trainee is unable to attend the date of course exam, alternatives are available

  • Pay by the hour for assessor or take exam with participants in the next scheduled course.

Requirements for Diploma

Mandatory 100% participation:

  • Class hours with Teacher Trainer
  • Tutorial Classes with Apprentice Trainer (alternative available for long distance students)
  • Take Home Research & Exams
  • Portfolio completion

Requirements before taking next course (Pre requisites):

  • Foundation Course: Anatomy and PMP course plus 15 Mat courses and / or audition
  • Level 1 Course: Successful completion of Foundation exams & Apprentice Hours & Anatomy and PMP
  • Level 2 Course: Successful completion of Level 1 exams & apprentice hours
  • Level 3 Course: Successful completion of Level 2 exams & apprentice hours

It is possible at any time to skip a level and enter into it at a later scheduled session.


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