Bodhi Suspension System

What is Bodhi?

The Bodhi Suspension System® is a recent addition to the health and fitness world that has everyone buzzing. Like many effective exercise systems, Bodhi pays special attention to the core and its role in balance and strength. It incorporates many principles found in Pilates, including a focus on small, precise movements, and antigravity exercises, but the system is entirely its own, and it is not necessary to have experience with Pilates or any other exercise system to practice Bodhi.

The word “Bodhi” is translated to English to mean “enlightenment” or “awakening.”

Giving Bodhi a try is an excellent way to change-up your workout and the way you think about gravity. In addition to the health and fitness benefits of core and full body strength, flexibility, and balance it conveys, the novel positions used in Bodhi are fun to play with and are sure to be a highlight of your day.


Bodhi was created by Khita Whyatt, a US-based Pilates instructor, as a form of rehabilitation after a serious car accident left her partially paralyzed. As such, it is a system of healing and rehabilitation in addition to being a challenging strength and stability training system.

Bodhi Equipment

This rope system consists of two separate ropes which, with attachments, create four suspension points. It can be used standing, lying down, or in a variety of suspensions, to work to strengthen and stabilize the entire body.


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